When will my order be delivered?
We usually ship out orders the next day as long as we get payment by 6pm.

What time will my order be delivered?
Our partner courier handles all our deliveries. They will deliver your order anytime during the day. If you want your order to be delivered a particular time, you can use the courier option (Grab, lalamove, mr speedy, etc) and we can book it for you.  Please note that the customer will pay the courier directly. This option is also not covered by our flat rate shipping fee.

Can I Pick up my order? Where are you located?
Yes. We are in San Juan City. Just choose the pickup option.

Are all your products preservative free?
All products in the Food Grove products category are all natural and made without additional preservatives.
All products in the Food Grove Favorites are made by other companies so we suggest to read the description on each item.

Does your tocino have salitre?
No. We don't use salitre or food coloring on our tocino.

I checked out already but I want to add to my order. Can I do that?
Yes, we allow additions to the cart. Please send us a message